As a leading academic gateway for Latin American students, we aim to position Canada as a destination of choice for sponsored students across Latin America.

CALDO is a consortium of nine leading Canadian research universities dedicated to the development of international education partnerships between Canada and Latin America. We provide customized assistance to Latin American graduate and doctoral students who are financed by agencies in their home country to apply to our research-intensive universities.

Unlike other educational agencies in Canada, we focus on building relationships to enhance higher education mobility, research cooperation, and capacity building. We also work closely with universities and academic organizations in Latin America to match students with programs in Canada that best suit their research interests.

Currently, CALDO has signed agreements in eight Latin American countries: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. Most agreements are signed with governments, government agencies, and university organizations, and their focus is on research collaboration and graduate student mobility.



Webinars for November and December

CALDO will offer 6 webinars during November and December.

If you are interested in knowing more about CALDO services and its universities do no miss the webinars we will do in November and December.

CALDO will offer country specific Webinars about CALDO Services and Universities for Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay and Chile. Register NOW by clicking in the webinar you would like to attend.


University rankings Canada 2017

Maclean's magazine has released its 2017 university rankings on Best Universities in Canada by reputation, considering the quality and innovation of each institution.

The following CALDO universities have ranked within the Best 20 Universities in Canada by reputation: University of Waterloo (#2), University of Alberta (#5), Queen's University (#6), Western University (#8), University of Calgary (#12), Dalhousie University (#14), University of Ottawa (#15) and Université Laval (#17).


Thank You! Education Fair Season a Great Success


Over the last months, CALDO has been traveling throughout Latin America to meet with prospective students and build closer ties with our partners. With stops in Colombia (Bogota, Medellin, Cali), Ecuador (Guayaquil and Quito), Peru (Lima), Chile (Santiago), Brazil (Sao Paulo), and Mexico (Mexico City, Puebla, Veracruz, Merida), it’s been quite an adventure!